Friday, December 21, 2007

La saniush

Dupa aproape o saptamana am reusit si eu sa fac rost de un clip scurt de la iesirea din weekend de la Arieseni
L-am pus pe youtube sa va amuzati si voi :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

Ever wondered just how much your best photograph could be worth if it was put up for auction?

Here are the photos that have won the five highest bids when put on the block.

Of course, we’re not saying that one of your photographs could be worth this much… but then again, who knows?

1. Andreas Gursky’s “99 Cent II Diptych”

Photo Courtesy Sotheby’s

The first photograph to sell for more than $3 million, Andreas Gurky’s 99 cent II, Diptych reached $3,340,456 at a Sotheby’s auction in London, February 2007. This was the third time the photograph had sold for more than $2 million. Another print of the same image was sold for $2.25 million in May, 2006, and yet another print had reached $2.48 million just six months later.

Interestingly, the record-breaking photograph was sold not at a photography auction, but at a sale of contemporary art. That might suggest that how an artwork is sold plays an important role in defining how much it can sell for.

2. Edward Steichen’s “The Pond-Moonlight”

Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Just missing the $3 million mark, and for a while the world’s highest-selling photograph, Edward Steichen’s “The Pond - Moonlight” was sold for $2,928,000 at Sotheby’s in New York in February, 2006.

The picture shows moonlight between trees and reflecting on a pond, and appears to be in color. However, color photography did not begin until 1907, three years after the photograph was taken.

Steichen used layers of light-sensitive gum to create an impression of color. Only three prints exist, with the other two in museum collections.

One way to create an expensive photo then could be to use a unique process, keep it rare… and wait a hundred years.

3. Richard Prince’s “Anonymous (Cowboy)”

Courtesy of Christie’s

Richard Prince’s photograph of a cowboy was perhaps an odd choice as the first photograph to reach a million dollars at auction. It sold for $1,248,000 at Christie’s in New York in November 2005.

The photograph, which was taken in 1989, wasn’t original but a shot of part of a Marlboro ad. Prince had started shooting images of magazine ads while collating press clips for Time Life in the 1970s.

The only other image, other than the proof in the possession of the artist, is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Subject matter and rarity count it seems.

4. Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey’s “Athènes, T[emple] de J[upiter] olympien pris de l’est”

Courtesy of Christie’s

It’s a little easier to understand the appeal — and the price — of French photographer Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey’s image of the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter in Athens, which was sold at Christie’s in London for $922,488 in 2003.

Shot in 1842, the daguerreotype is believed to be the oldest image of the temple still existing.

It makes you wonder what the first photograph of the iPhone might be worth in 150 years…

5. Gustave Le Gray’s “The Great Wave, Sete”

Sometimes a combination of the rarity an old image brings and a striking subject matter can be enough to create a high price. For Gustave Le Gray, it created a picture that sold for $838,000 at Sotheby’s in London in 1999.

Le Gray’s image marked the first time that a photographer had managed to expose landscape and sky correctly in the same image. He did this by creating one negative for the sky and one for the sea, and printing them together on the same sheet of paper. In effect, he created a collage.

It’s an easy technique for a modern photographer to emulate but try doing it without a digital camera, Photoshop… and from a glass negative.

Before you start sorting through your archive to pull out better images than these, bear in mind that the value of a photograph at auction depends on all sorts of factors that go beyond the quality of the image. These might include the state of the stock market, the fame of the artist, the number of prints, when the print was made and the restrictions imposed on the negative.

Creating a million dollar photo often requires a lot more than getting the shot right.

10 Ways to Take Better Portraits

Professional photographer Erin Manning shares her top 10 dos and don’ts for taking great portraits. Her explanations are accompanied by before and after shots. Just to give a heads up, she is selling her book, but the pitch isn’t that intrusive. Defiantly worth a viewing!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The clouds in your eyes down your face they pour...

Joshua Radin

So, we're alone again
I wish it were over
We seem to never end
Only get closer
To the point where I can take no more

The clouds in your eyes
Down your face they pour
Won't you be the new one burn to shine
I take the blue ones every time
Walk me down your broken line
All you have to do is cry
Yes all you have to do is cry

Hush my baby now
Your talking is just noise and won't lay me down
Amongst your toys in a room where I can take no more

The clouds in your eyes
Down your face they pour
Won't you be the new one burn to shine
I take the blue ones every time
Walk me down your broken line
All you have to do is cry
Yes all you have to do is cry

Photographs and brightly colored paper
Are your mask you wear in this caper
That is our life
We walk right into the strife
And a tear from your eye brings me home

Won't you be the new one burn to shine
I take the blue ones every time
Walk me down your broken line
All you have to do is cry

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rodica Tapalaga si Stefan Banica - Sectia corectionala

Sectia corectionala - de I. L. Caragiale
scenografia Dan Petrescu Mogos
interpreteaza: Rodica Tapalaga, Stefan Banica, Mircea Septilici si Virgil Ogasanu

Stefan Banica & Stela Popescu - Dactilografa

Stefan Banica & Stela Popescu - Dactilografa (1971)
sceneta de Dan Mihailescu, Grigore Pop si Octavian Sava

Marin Moraru si Marian Hudac - Aspirina si piramidonul

Marin Moraru si Marian Hudac - Aspirina si piramidonul
sceneta de Mircea Crisan, Alexandru Andy si Radu Stanescu

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Chemical Romance"Kill all your friends"

'Cause we are all a bunch of liars.
Tell me, baby, who do you wanna be?

'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends.
(Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba)
And we all get together when we bury our friends.
(Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Linkin Park - Hands Held High

I just love this song. So you can chose from 2 versions of clip (american vision... but well)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prima zapada

Nu a fost prima zapada de la Oradea, dar a fost prima zapada pentru mine.(zapada care sa dureze, nu din aia care trece)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Remember the best times are yet to come

"Autumn Song"

a late autumn song

Monday, November 12, 2007

HIM feat. The Rasmus - Apocalyptica bittersweet

I had a vision.
A gothic version of "The Phantom of the Opera" with this song on the soundtrack.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Subsemnatul, va aduc la cunostinta decizia irevocabila de a demisiona oficial din functia de adult pe care o detin acum abuziv.

Dupa o analiza detaliata a situatiei, m-am hotarat sa ma retrag si sa preiau atributiile unui copil de sase ani, cu toate drepturile si indatoririle pe care le-am avut candva, dar la care am renuntat cu prea mare usurinta.Vreau sa desenez cu creta colorata pe strada unde locuiesc, atunci cand trec oameni maturi si importanti spre serviciu, si sa nu-mi pese de stresul lor in lupta cu minutele si traficul care ii asteapta.

Vreau sa fiu mandru de trotineta mea cea rosie, fara sa ma intereseze cat costa asigurarea pe anul viitor.

Vreau sa cred sincer ca bomboanele Tic-Tac sunt mai bune decat banii, pentru
ca le poti manca.

Vreau sa stau intins la umbra unui copac, cu un pahar de limonada in mana si cu ochii la norii pufosi care alearga pe cer, intrebandu-se cu uimire de ce adultii nu fac la fel.

Vreau sa ma intorc in trecut, la vremurile cand viata era simpla. Atunci cand tot ce stiam se rezuma la cele sapte culori, cinci
poezii, zece cifre si vocea mamei care ma chema la masa cand nu imi era foame.

Vreau inapoi, atunci cand nu imi pasa de cat de putine lucruri stiam, pentru ca nici nu stiam cat de putine stiam.

Vreau sa cred, ca odinioara, ca totul pe lumea asta este fie gratuit, fie se poate cumpara cu pretul unei inghetate la pahar.

M-am maturizat prea mult si nici nu mai stiu cand m-am trezit mare. A fost cu
siguranta un abuz si imi cer iertare. Am ajuns astfel sa aflu ceea ce nu ar fi trebuit:
razboaie si purificari etnice, copii buzati si copii murind de foame, divorturi,droguri in licee, prostitutie, justitie corupta, politicieni de mahala, biserici de homosexuali, frati invrajbiti fara bani, ura, barfa.

Ce s-a intamplat cu timpul cand aveam impresia ca moartea este un concept de
poveste, ca doar imparatii batrani mor ca sa faca loc pe tron printilor tineri,
casatoriti cu printese castigate in urma ultimei zmeiade? Unde sunt anii cand mi se parea ca tot ce ti se putea intampla mai rau in lume era sa nu fii ales in echipa lui Menica repetentul, atunci cand jucam fotbal in spatele scolii?

Vreau sa ma reintorc la vremea cand toti copiii citeau carti folositoare, cand muzica era neotravita, cand televiziunea era pentru stiri si emisiuni de familie, fara sex explicit si violenta implicita la fiecare zece secunde.

Vreau desene animate cu Donald Duck, peripetiile echipajului "Speranta", navigand cu "Toate panzele sus" si pe mama citindu-mi despre Iosif si fratii sai. Ce bine era cand credeam, in naivitatea mea, ca toata lumea din jur este fericita deoarece eu eram fericit!

Promit solemn ca, imediat ce o sa-mi reiau atributiile de copil, o sa-mi petrec dupa-amiezile catarandu-ma in copaci, calarind bicicleta varului Cristi si citind Robinson Crusoe, ascuns in coliba injghebata din ramuri si frunze de fag, in spatele gradinii. Imi iau angajamentul ca nu o sa imi pese de ratele casei, de facturile de telefon, curent, gaze, apa, gunoi, cablu Tv si Internet, asigurari pentru masini, asigurari de sanatate, taxe anuale de proprietate, credit-carduri, iarba netaiata, computerul virusat si faptul ca masina a inceput sa vrea la mecanic.

Va asigur ca nu o sa fiu pus in incurcatura atunci cand o sa fiu intrebat: "Ce-o sa te faci cand o sa cresti mare?", deoarece acum
stiu: vreau sa fiu COPIL.

Gata cu plecatul la serviciu cand ar trebui sa dorm si sa-l visez pe Florin Piersic
- Harap Alb, gata cu stirile despre teroristi, bombe si caderi de avioane.

Gata cu barfele anturajului, care nu-mi dau pace nici la biserica, gata cu hernia de disc, par grizonat, ochelari pierduti,
medicamente scumpe si dinti de portelan.

Gata, stop, cedez! Demisionez din functia de ADULT.

Vreau sa cred in sinceritatea zambetelor, nobletea vorbelor, o lume a cuvantului dat si respectat, a dreptatii, a pacii, a viselor implinite, a imaginatiei innobilate, a ingerilor buni si a omului dupa chipul si asemanarea Lui Dumnezeu.

Vreau sa am iarasi sase ani si jumatate. Fiti voi mari si importanti, si ocupati, si ingrijorati. Eu vreau sa cresc MIC!

Din cate am auzit acest text a aparut in cartea lui Ovidiu Radulescu, nu stiu numele cartii.
Ma gandeam ca ar fi un text bun de impartasit cu toti!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jeff Dunham - Sparks Of Insanity

Un show intreg.
10X youtube

Edit: so.. the guys from youtube decided to take the show off
locally i took the clips off and i will put them online again :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mika - happy ending

... my status yesterday
... my torment song today

Mika - Happy Ending lyrics


Jeff Dunham is an award winning ventriloquist and a stand-up comedian. He has performed on numerous comedy shows, including Comedy Central Presents in 2003. His usual puppets include a woozle named Peanut.



Official website

Monday, October 22, 2007

Damien Rice - The Rat Within the Grain

Anul asta am inceput sa imi deschid mai mult orizonturile spre muzica care nu se gaseste neaparat prin topurile Mtv (desi o gasiti si pe acolo mai pe al coada).
Damien Rice imi plac emult si am descoperit o piesa de la el care pot sa o ascult oricand.Eu m-am uitat peste trackurile de la albume si nu am gasit The Rat Within the Grain se zice unde va pe net ca ar fi pe partea b de la 9 Crimes (poate la maxi single ca pe album nu e). Indiferent de asta e o piesa care merita ascultata.

Damien Rice - The Rat Within the Grain (highly recommended)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cu dedicatie

De cateva zile voiam sa pun piesa asta pe blog, din mai multe motive. Nu o sa le enumar pe toate, dar unu dintre ele este pentru ca imi place, iar altul ar fi o dedicatie pt stie ea cine despre stie ea ce (poate intelege).

"Te iubeam! Fraiereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

How to make Hot Ice

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Traim in Romania si asta ne ocupa tot timpul

Nu sunt genul (de persoana) care sa isi faca publice trairile pe blog decat la un nivel superficial, ceva ce sa inteleg doar eu… Dar de data aceasta ma vad nevoit sa dau o justificare.... nu e bine spus justificare, nu am nevoie sa ma justific in fata nimanui, dar... o lamurire asupra faptelor recente.

Sa va prezint faptele:
Duminica dimineata ma intorceam din centru cu 2 prietene. Am luat un taxi (Dacia Logan rosie) de langa Teatru pana in fata blocului. Dupa ce am urcat primele scari (pana la parter), am constatat lipsa telefonului si am fugit repede afara din scara, dar masina era plecata. Am luat telefonul uneia dintre prietene, apeland numarul meu, in incercarea de a-mi recupera telefonul (sperand in corectitudinea taximetristului), dar nu mi-a raspuns nimeni. Am mers sus si am sunat la dispecereat, dar nici un taximetrist nu a recunoascut ca ar fi gasit vreun telefon. In tot acest timp, eu am continuat sa apelez numarul meu, fara a primi vreun raspuns.. Dupa aproximativ 10-15 minute, a inchis telefonul.
Avand in vedere faptul ca m-am uitat la ceas (pe telefon) inainte sa urc in taxi (deci am urcat cu telefonul), am stat in fata si am sunat dupa nici 30 de secunde de la plecarea taxiului din fata blocului (deci nu exista posibilitatea ca alt client sa ia telefonul) si ca telefonul nu era cazut langa taxi, lucrurile sunt clare... este furt. Asa mi-au supus si cei de la politie, si mi-au mai spus si ca taximetristii nu recunosc niciodata ca ar fi gasit ceva.

In urma celor intamplate, am primit reactii destul de aiurea. Marea majoritate citand faimoasa replica a lui Mircea Badea, care constituie si titlul postului.

Mi-a fost furat un telefon cumparat acum 2 luni… deci e naspa, am pierdut cateva sute de Ron: clar ca e naspa, am pierdut cateva numere de care voi face rost cu greu sau poate ca nu voi mai face rost... si mai naspa, dar cel mai naspa lucru e ca cineva te fura pe fata si stii clar asta si nu poti face nimic. Si clar ca is nervos si ma agit si fac scandal. E de neconceput sa se intample asa ceva intr-o tara care pretinde ca este democrata si care apara drepturile cetatenilor.

Hai sa luam un exemplu (dur dar elocvent):
Comanzi ceva prin curier si dupa ce ii deschizi usa (curierului) intra peste tine si te violeaza (valabil si pt fete si pt baieti ca mai nou orice este posibil). Tu cum te simti daca lumea iti zice.... imi pare rau ... trebuia sa ii iei datele din buletin nu e suficient ca stii firma si ce masina avea si il recunosti daca il vezi, data viitoare sa ii ceri buletinul ca sa stii cine este. Vi se pare ca am exagerat la aceasta comparatie, nu cred in fiecare caz tu apelezi la serviciul cuiva (pe care il platesti) si persoana respectiva te **** calca in picioare si isi bate joc de tine.

Si apoi lumea iti spune: "Traiesti in romania si asta iti ocupa tot timpul" (cat de bine te poti simti)... mda mersi mult stiam si eu.
Decat sa imi critici statusurile triste (si nervoase) mai bine ai face ceva sa ma ajuti.

Ca sunt destui asa zisi mari crestini care incep sa iti tina predici, dar nu ar misca un deget pt tine stiu doar sa te acuze ca te agiti pt un lucru material.

Daca pentru voi sa fiti lumina inseamna sa va ascundeti dupa cateva versete din Biblie imi pare rau ca ati ramas la epoca comunista, dar eu nu ma las calcat in picioare si daca fac scandal e pentru ca macar altora sa nu li se intample la fel (pentru ca stiu ca eu nu mai primesc inapoi telefonul).

Da, Romania e cum e si societatea e cum e, dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa ma conformez sau sa ma supun va las pe voi sa va potriviti .............

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ray Lamontagne et Damien Rice : " To Love Somebody"

i just love this clip :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brooke Fraser - Shadowfeet

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet
Toward home; a land that I’ve never seen

Is that alright with you?

Is that alright, is that alright, is that alright with you?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sadic... sau nu?

Consideri ca materialul e prea sadic si ar trebui cenzurat?

De ce voi nu mancati carne de pasare?

Leigh Nash - My Idea Of Heaven

What is yours?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Primarul, adjunctul si politistul unui sat, merg in vizita la un paznic de gara pentru a compune versuri.

Sasa, Grisa & Ion

A new short film signed by de Igor Cobileanski, the director of "Cand se stinge lumina/When the lights go out".

Cand se stinge lumina / When the lights go out

In a poor country 100 bucks are enough to lose your mind for a couple of minutes..Directed by Igor Cobileanski, produced by Thomas Ciulei- Europolis Film & Studioul de Creatie- Ministry of Culture Romania.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ma gandeam ca nu e bine sa amestec foarte tare lucrurile si ca e mai bine sa las celalalt blog exclusiv pt partea de fotografie.
Asa ca am mai facut un blog unde sa pot eu posta toate nebuniile pe care le vad in jurul meu.
Stiu ca nu e frumos sa te holbezi dar nu ma pot abtine