Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are my.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ziua europei

Copiii de la Grădiniţele 27 şi 23 din Oradea au venit ieri (07.05.2009) la Biblioteca Judeţeană, însoţiţi de educatoarele lor, pentru a participa la o activitate dedicată Zilei Europei.
si cat de scumpi pot fi astia mici (noa ziceti si voi :P)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

walking life

Creation seems to come out of imperfection. It seems to come out of a striving and a frustration. And this is where I think language came from. I mean, it came from our desire to transcend our isolation and have some sort of connection with one another. And it had to be easy when it was just simple survival. Like, you know, "water." We came up with a sound for that. Or "Saber-toothed tiger right behind you." We came up with a sound for that. But when it gets really interesting, I think, is when we use that same system of symbols to communicate all the abstract and intangible things that we're experiencing. What is, like, frustration? Or what is anger or love? When I say "love," the sound comes out of my mouth and it hits the other person's ear, travels through this Byzantine conduit in their brain, you know, through their memories of love or lack of love, and they register what I'm saying and they say yes, they understand. But how do I know they understand? Because words are inert. They're just symbols. They're dead, you know? And so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed. It's unspeakable. And yet, you know, when we communicate with one another, and we feel that we've connected, and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion. And that feeling might be transient, but I think it's what we live for.

There is a Jewish story

There is a Jewish story, an ordinary Jewish joke: A father was teaching his little son to be less afraid, to have more courage by having him jump down the stairs. He put his son on the second stair and said 'jump, and I'll catch you' then on the third stair and said 'jump, and I'll catch you', the little boy was afraid, but he trusted his father and did what he was told and jumped into his arms. The father put him on the next step and then the next, each time telling him 'jump, and I'll catch you'. Then the boy jumped from a very high step, but this time the father stepped back and the boy fell flat on his face. He picked himself up, bleeding and crying, and the father said to him, 'that'll teach you.

Then she found me

Monday, May 4, 2009

Novosibirsk In Miniature

nici n-ai zice ca nu e real :P

Interesting Photography

Are there still possibilities to shoot a real original photo? Maybe not, but being a photographer you still want people to see what kind of art you produce. That’s where presentation comes in. That’s when we check out Kubikfoto.


still feeling red

What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

Spotted on the web:

1. ///

/// Class used to work around Richard being a fucking idiot

/// The point of this is to work around his poor design so that paging will
/// work on a mobile control. The main problem is the BindCompany() method,
/// which he hoped would be able to do everything. I hope he dies.

// I dedicate all this code, all my work, to my wife, Darlene, who will
// have to support me and our three children and the dog once it gets
// released into the public.

3.// Magic. Do not touch.

4. return 1; # returns 1

5. /* This is O(scary), but seems quick enough in practice. */

* You may think you know what the following code does.
* But you dont. Trust me.
* Fiddle with it, and youll spend many a sleepless
* night cursing the moment you thought youd be clever
* enough to "optimize" the code below.
* Now close this file and go play with something else.
7.//When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing
//Now, God only knows

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i hate...

de obicei ma feresc sa scriu posturi prea personale (nu vreau sa faca nimeni infarct), dar de data asta nu ma pot abtine
in timp ce schimbam canalele la tv ma opresc la tvs unde ii vad pe cei de la sara foto la o emisiune numita meserii inedite (ma rog)
si mi s-a parut .... cel putin jalnic toata sarada
adica mai faceti-le reclama gratis ca nu au ei destule nunti pe care le taxeaza exagerat
mai faceti-le reclama si voi
urasc abureala si urasc pe cei care aburesc bine ca sa obtina castiguri si la sara foto e multa abureala
nu zic ca nu sunt buni dar nu la nivelul la care taxeaza (adica eu cer a 10-a parte din cat cer ei si tot ei au mau multi clienti)
si ceea ce mi s-a parut stupid de-a dreptul e faptul ca foloseau prea mult cuvantul inedit
sa amintim cateva dintre lucrurile "inedite" pe care ziceau ca le fac
- footoshooting numai cu mirii (si bade ion daca mere chiparas la o nunta face footoshooting numai cu miri)
- locatii inedite cica - sau ceva de genul (oradea si inedit nu incap in aceasi propozitie) faptul ca faci poze in fata la teatru si sub pasaj nu e un lucru inedit (inedit era daca mergeai la polul nord, sau intr-o padure tropicala)
- ca dupa ziua nuntii mirii se imbraca iar (in costum de mire si mireasa) si faci poze cu ei (bad time management) toata lumea face asta atunci cand nu reuseste sa faca suficiente cadre in ziua nuntii din diverse motive
si apoi termina cu un motto de genul o fotografie de nunta nu e scumpa e nepretuita... hai sa fim seriosi asta justifica preturile voastre???
ma rog poate e mai bine din astia decat alte firme mai ieftine care abia asteapta sa se termine nunta si sa ia banii

Friday, May 1, 2009

Atlas de mitocanie urbana - Radio Guerrilla

trist dar adevarat